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Energy Storage Solution

Paladin PowerTM ESS


 Paladin PowerTM is a leading residential and commercial energy storage solution (ESS).

More Power Per Square Foot

Scalable Inverters & Batteries

20-Year Warranty

Faster & Easier To Install


SB24 and SB48


The Paladin PowerTM ESS is a revolutionary technology that combines elegant design with unparalleled performance, and can power every circuit in a home so homeowners no longer have to compromise their lifestyle.

The groundbreaking stacking system and scalable inverters give homeowners Paladin’s uncompromising power storage. That’s good news for installers too because no extra wiring is necessary to install, as it’s already factory pre-wired, and upgrading is as simple as stacking another battery and inverter into the enclosure.

The inverter and battery are both scalable and stackable. Comes both DC and AC coupled.

The Paladin PowerTM ESS comes in 2 configurations, the SB24 and SB48.

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Paladin PowerTM ESS is battle-tested, making it one of the safest batteries on the market. It’s design takes all or most of your loads away from the grid, not just a few critical loads. Assuming your inverter capacity is sized correctly, Paladin is a complete grid replacement. *Disclaimer: Although, the Paladin PowerTM ESS can power all loads from the main panel, it is up to the contractor or reseller to size and order the correct inverter & solar capacity to ensure that all loads are in fact able to be energized.

The StackBattTM Difference


Paladin PowerTM and its engineering team expect to achieve a higher energy density that will help push the electrification of vehicles and trucks to a new level. The Paladin PowerTM ESS can deliver up to 3-4x more energy in the same foot print than previous designs with its proprietary StackBattTM bussing system.

This new StackBattTM innovation is disruptive and will revolutionize the way batteries are connected. Thanks to this design, Paladin’s ESS is positioned to be a major driving force for the electrification of vehicles and safely store batteries in a smaller footprint.

Next Generation

Technical Specifications


The Paladin PowerTM ESS was designed to be a complete off-grid system to power all the loads in your home including A/Cs, EV charging, lights, refrigerator and more!


  • Inverters, batteries, charge controller, MPPT, power isolation all in one enclosure!
  • AC / DC coupled
  • Factory pre-wired
  • No panel upgrades
  • Complete Off-Grid Solution
  • Power Every Circuit in a Home + EVs
  • Easy to Install – No heavy lifting
  • Scalable inverters: 7-21 kW (in the same box) 
  • Stackable batteries: 24-96 kWh
  • NEM 3.0 Solution
  • Advanced Lithium Chemistry
  • SGIP approved
  • Pending: UL 1741, IEEE, UL 9540, Rule 21 SB, UL 9540a
  • Self consumption and TOU management
  • 20-Year Warranty
  • Less cost per circuit than any other competing product

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Why Installers Choose Paladin PowerTM

Paladin PowerTM Competitive Advantages

What Are You Paying For With Your
Battery Storage System?

Paladin is the lowest cost-per-circuit.
Paladin powers your circuits on grid or off grid.

Step by Step Install


It’s so easy, one contractor can install the system in under an hour alone!

Installers can start saving time, and servicing more customers today.

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