Energy Independence

Paladin is the next generation of energy storage.


24 to 48 KWH in the same enclosure.  Batteries + inverters + connections!

20 Year Warranty

Industry leading 20 year warranty on entire system.

Residential & Commercial

Industrial solution for homes, businesses & EV markets.

Paladin Power

Next Generation Energy Storage


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A Leader in Energy Storage



Paladin Power is revolutionizing and redefining the way homes and businesses save on energy costs and have on-demand backup of energy.

0 20000

Cycles at 80% DOD

0 150

surge for 45 minutes

0 42


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Paladin Advantage

Why Paladin?

Why us

Paladin supports energy independence and continues to work on solutions that support decentralize energy and smart grid support.

Next Gen Tech

Over 5+ years of research & development.

Easy Installation

Works with your existing solar or green power.

Power Your Entire Home

Paladin scales to power all your devices in your home or business.

No More Power Outages

Great solution for in home medical device(s), well & more.

Be Prepared

Keep your food and family safe even when the grid is down. 

Energy Freedom

Eliminate worries about weather, blackouts and grid outages.

why choose us

Energy Independence

More Power Per Square Foot

The Paladin Power ESS is self-contained in a single, 2 x 3 x 6 ft enclosure. At a 21 kW output, it would take about 4-5 Tesla Powerwalls – along with inverters and space consuming junction boxes and conduit – to produce the same output.

Double The Output

If you have a 10 KW solar array, as long as enough sun is shining on the photovoltaic (PV) cells, it can add an additional 10 KW to the existing inverter power.

This means a 21 kW inverter at 150% surge = 31.5 KW. Add an extra 10 KW from the solar, you get to 41.5 KW.

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