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Car Dealerships Charge Your EVs with Solar Panels

Electric vehicles (EVs) are the buzz in not only the car and auto-dealership world, but the world as a whole. However, while they are becoming increasingly popular with customers, they pose a unique problem for car dealerships trying to keep their inventory fully charged. As more and more electric vehicles come onto the lot, the power draw of the sitting cars increases dramatically. But, by taking advantage of solar panel technology and equipping dealerships with access to renewable energy sources, they can keep EVs on the lot charged and ready for test drives.

The Problem: Dealerships need help charging their EVs on the lot

Car dealerships need a lot of capacity to meet the power needs of the tens, if not hundreds, of electric vehicles that can inhabit their lots. With an average 40 kWh per vehicle and some capable of 100 kWh, these lots require a serious power generation setup to ensure that cars are fully charged for seamless purchase. And unfortunately, more capacity means higher electricity bills.

The electric vehicle market is stuck in an unfortunate and dangerous loop. Higher electric prices means that these green modes of transportation will have to be sold at higher prices, discouraging some potential consumers from purchasing. Those who choose to not acquire the vehicles due to the high ticket cause more pressure for a price hike on electric vehicles, since fewer are being bought. As a result, electric vehicles need to sell at even higher prices just to break even. This repeating pattern does nothing but make EVs more and more inaccessible, hurting the environment and its proponents alike. Fortunately, Paladin has a solution; however, action needs to be taken immediately… before it’s too late.

Solar Energy is the Solution

The future of renewable energy resources is shining brightly, quite literally. Solar energy provides smart, reliable, and cost-efficient upgrades on traditional fuel sources for cars, benefiting not only the environment but the economy as well. By harnessing solar energy, dealership owners can save extraordinary amounts of money in fueling their vehicles throughout the day. Modern eco-friendly solar technologies also extend battery life expectancy and ensure that each time drivers are on the road, they are doing so safely without emitting noxious gasses into the air. So while car dealerships can look forward to substantial savings with solar power, the planet can benefit too!

Keeping the lights on and powering an EV lot using solar energy requires a power and reliability that hasn’t been on the market…until now. Paladin PowerTM is not only the most powerful, but also reliable, Energy Storage System (ESS), while ensuring the stored power stays effective for the long-term and excess power is returned to the grid.

Without a proper ESS, utilizing renewable energy sources such as solar energy would be left with unreliable energy output, like at night for example. But how can you distinguish between an extremely high quality ESS that powers an entire lot without losing so much money you were better off never purchasing solar power?

Cheaper to Charge Your EV on a Solar Panel than Grid or Public Chargers

Companies all around the country are looking for ways to stay eco-friendly and money-savvy while also taking advantage of state incentives. Paladin PowerTM is here to answer the call with their revolutionary new energy storage system (ESS) that follows all the guidelines set forth by California’s energy benefits laws. That means consumers in this state can expect to get forward savings from rebates ranging from $30,000 to $80,000, making all their energy projects cost effective from day one. An ESS gives various companies – like car dealerships that need power for their lots – something even better: a brand new way of breaking even within just one year! It’s an opportunity you won’t want to miss out on.

Car Dealerships that take advantage of this opportunity will have an advantage over the competition. While their competitors are stuck footing exorbitant electric bills, dealerships with an efficient ESS will be able to power their electric vehicles for free, and maybe some of their facilities while they’re at it!

Car dealerships that have embraced the power of solar energy can expect to have an upper hand over their competition in the near future! By investing in Paladin’s high quality Energy Storage System (ESS), these dealerships are able to make their electric vehicle showroom green and efficient at virtually no cost. In contrast, other dealerships may still be paying expensive electricity bills. Utilizing solar energy can not only help power electric vehicles but also facilities running inside the dealership, thus saving money while maintaining maximal efficiency. Embracing solar energy is a win-win situation for car dealerships.

As car dealerships prepare for the influx of electric vehicles, they will require an efficient way to meet the demands for more electric power. Buying a new solar ESS system can become cost prohibitive, but luckily Paladin offers businesses the ability to easily expand their existing system with stackable batteries at lower costs. Dealerships won’t need an entirely new storage system and instead can focus on making the best ESS that expands as they expand.

As car dealerships across the world expand their electric vehicle lots, solar energy will increasingly become a major player in the automotive industry. Not only is solar energy becoming more abundant than ever before. This means that powering sleek and efficient cars won’t be an issue for car dealerships operating off of renewable energy sources in the future! With these technological advancements, sustainable and accessible automobiles can become a staple within the industry. Those who get there first will reap the biggest savings!

Start today so you can save your Dealership large chunks of cash before the Electric Vehicle revolution hits full swing with Paladin PowerTM.