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Defend Your Customers From Blackouts


Energy Storage Systems have the potential to revolutionize the way communities are supplied with electricity. With an ESS, solar installers are able to help customers store excess energy for future use when demand spikes and supply becomes scarce or even to remain completely off-grid. Customers can benefit from this technology, as ESS can defend them against rolling blackouts. This phenomenon is occurring more frequently due to extreme weather events, changing energy initiatives, and greater power draw as the world relies increasingly on tech.

If you want to actually defend your customers and set yourself apart from other solar installers who use the same ESS systems that are failing customers, you need an energy storage system that will power a customer’s entire home. That’s why we made Paladin.

Rolling Blackouts

During a blackout, power is shut off in specific areas in order to reduce stress on an already strained grid. These blackouts then “roll” to another area so that the community shares the electricity burden evenly. Rolling blackouts are known to be unpredictable and last anywhere from minutes to hours or even days. To protect themselves from these outages, homeowners have started investing in Energy Storage Systems and other technologies to store excess energy for future use.

This is standard information for an electrician or solar installer, but here’s something you might not know or have heard your customers complain about. ESS manufacturers claim to give a reliable source of backup power during times of high demand, promising customers continued power even when the grid is overloaded or down. Because of this promise, they also advertise ESS to government officials to keep getting their tax credits which help customers buy their products, as they convince officials their ESS can also help utilities maintain system stability. They claim this helps the grid manage its resources and prevent blackouts altogether. Officials oblige because, by taking advantage of this technology, customers will enjoy greater reliability and ultimately benefit others from fewer outages, at least in theory.

The reality is much different…Many customers soon realize they need multiple ESS devices to have enough energy and output to truly be off-grid, and even then, many also have to purchase a generator. Their systems either don’t store enough or don’t output enough energy to power the home completely. Paladin is the answer.

The Technology That “Defends” Against Blackouts

As you can see, the advantages of investing in Energy Storage Systems (ESS) are clear. By providing a reliable source of backup power, they can help protect customers from the damaging effects of rolling blackouts. These systems provide an extra layer of protection that allows utilities to maintain system stability and reduce the likelihood of outages. With this technology, customers will enjoy greater reliability and fewer interruptions as they continue to receive power even when demand is high, but only if they store and output enough power!

There are two main things ESS system providers don’t do a good job of describing. The first is what their customers’ energy storage systems actually power. Their systems can certainly power the lights and certain appliances like a washer and maybe a fridge, but that’s about it. The average ESS cannot output enough surge, or starting wattage, to turn on an A/C unit. So, one of the main reasons homeowners buy an ESS, namely to have heat in the winter and cooling in the summer, is completely unaccessible, unless they buy multiple units of course! What’s the point of giving customers a system to “power their home off-grid” if the most important piece of equipment is left unpowered? Many turn to buying generators to keep their A/C going!

The second thing providers do that confuses customers is EV charging. Sure, any ESS can charge an EV, but can they really fill the battery? And the answer is absolutely not, unless customers use their EV once every other day! Many energy storage systems charge an EV in 1-3 days, meaning daily driving on only solar panels is simply not possible with a single system. They encourage you to buy multiple of their systems for what they promised one system could do!

That’s why, as a founding team who also has engineering experience, we wanted customers to truly have an off-grid experience, one where they didn’t have to worry whether the grid was down or how many generators and systems they had.

The true defense against blackouts

To defend against blackouts, customers need an energy storage system with an extremely high surge capacity that can start up every device in the home. To ensure your customers get the best, we committed years to R&D to make the best ESS with the cheapest cost-per-circuit on the market, and we succeeded. Our system outputs 38 KW of surge, stores up to 124 kWh, and outputs 20 KW of continuous power.

Paladin’s ESS will actually defend your customers from blackouts because it powers every circuit, every device, and even every electric vehicle. One box can output 80 amps, giving enough output to charge your customers’ EVs in an hour and usually less.

But defending your customers against blackouts doesn’t matter if they can’t get their ESS in time. Many energy storage systems take days to install and multiple contractors at once. That loses you and your customers money in labor costs. Our revolutionary energy storage system is designed to be user-friendly, making installation quick and simple. In 30 minutes or less, an energy storage system can be fully installed with limited wiring and connections on your part.

And to lessen your headache, our patented technology has improved reliability and is specifically designed for longevity, coming with a 20 year warranty that proves how confident we are in the design. For you, that means less tedious and low-paying repair work and more happy customers. With a 20 year warranty and bulletproof design, your customers will be happy to support you for years to come.

Especially when they remember that you’re the one who gave them the device that keeps their whole home powered, all while their neighbors are deciding where they will have to stay during a blackout.

In short, Paladin promises, then delivers, and that’s what makes us different. We want your customers to feel safe, to have the experience they were promised – a fully powered home including every device, without limit.

If you want your customers to experience the best of the best, then you need Paladin.