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Energy Storage Systems Have Been Too Difficult to Install

As a company founded by c10 electrical engineers, we understand the difficulty that comes with integrating modern energy storage systems. Installing involves detailed calculations of power and energy requirements and installing heavy fixtures and tools to ensure a successful installation. Until now, due to the complexity of manufacturers’ ESS, experienced technicians needed days to complete installations to make sure everything was plugged in correctly. The time and effort required to install left experts feeling frustrated.

With Paladin’s market-breaking design, all components are pre-configured and pre-installed with our reliable wired system. This means an installer can quickly and easily connect each component of the energy storage system without hassle or extra time. Its stackable batteries and scalable inverters allow installers to add all components to one enclosure. Paladin also transfers on wheels, which means no heavy lifting! Installation takes less than 30 minutes.

An Unnecessary Headache

There’s much complexity around installing an energy storage system that doesn’t even include the installation itself, like space constraints, cost/budget considerations, and the ability of a system to meet current and future needs. Add wiring needs, circuit repaneling, and heavy lifting on top of that for different parts, and that creates an environment which ensures installations could take days.

Whether an organization needs a few batteries in a commercial building or a homeowner is looking to become energy-independent, installations take too long and are too hard. While there are guides available online to help understand the basics of this process, it often takes months of experience to develop the skills to quickly finish each particular system. Despite installing being a long and arduous undertaking, the government’s increasing interest in renewable energy use is creating a booming economy that makes installing a very profitable industry. Getting up-to-speed on such installations in order to take full advantage of fast-growing green energy is the name of the game. In exchange, installers have legitimate businesses helping homeowners and business owners with their electrical needs.

Yet installers deserve an energy storage system that doesn’t take multiple contractors and multiple days to install.

Innovation Would Change Everything

An energy storage system that could be installed in an hour or less would revolutionize the electrical engineering industry. Not only would this reduce labor costs significantly, but it would promote growth in the green energy industry, which would also promote more business for installers. This high-speed installation process could also help bring down costs and make clear incentive models for installing such systems more attractive to customers who decide whether or not to proceed.

It’s here

This is where Paladin comes in, because our energy storage system is a game-changer. Now professional solar installers can keep their hair since installation doesn’t take all day anymore – Paladin’s ESS can be set up quickly and simply in under an hour. What’s more, this storage system actually works – it allows customers to live completely off-grid, by itself. The energy generated is used first, and any excess is then stored in the battery for future use.

Having the ability to store and supply electricity is a major step towards living off-grid, but having a system in place that outputs an ample amount of electricity is far more impressive. Not only can our energy storage system handle the average daily need of homes’ and businesses’ power requirements, like lighting, TVs, printers, computers, etc…, it can actually power the most draining devices efficiently, such as the air conditioning unit. This advanced technology has the potential to revolutionize modern residences in terms of convenience and resource management. With this device, homeowners will be able to manage their energy usage with little effort.

Although energy storage systems provide power, they don’t always provide a continuous or reliable power supply to the home, unless customers buy multiple other energy storage devices. In these instances, most customers end up having to purchase supplemental electricity from a generator which, depending on size and demands of the property, can be costly, not to mention noisy and high-maintenance.

Paladin’s ESS outputs 38 KW of surge and 20 KW in continuous output, meaning customers’ entire home and their A/C are powered in the event of a blackout or if customers simply want to live off-grid. An easy-to-install solution that actually works! It can even charge customers’ EVs in 1-3 hours, as compared to 1-2 days from other ESS companies using 20 amp systems, which is why they “encourage” customers to buy multiple systems!

Installing faster with Paladin means more business

You know that saving time is essential when setting up homes and businesses to run on solar energy. Productivity and efficiency are the names of the game for installs, and now with a revolutionized wiring system, you can start working faster than ever. By saving more time, you can install more systems and open your business up to new markets.

Our team has designed an innovative wiring system, so now all components will be wired up in a fraction of the time it would take to do it manually. With Paladin’s ESS, you’ll save installation time on the wiring and you won’t have to worry about installing an entire new system when your customers upgrade. We created a stackable battery system that makes upgrading as simple as adding more batteries to the battery slots in the cage then you’re done!

So if you want to increase your bottom line by installing more simple systems that actually power your customers’ homes when they need it most, contact us today!