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Paladin Power, Inc. Announces California SGIP Approval for its Scalable Residential Energy Storage System

Paladin PowerTM ESS advanced energy storage system puts the power of energy storage into the hands of consumers on and off grid

CARLSBAD, CA / ACCESSWIRE / March 7, 2023 / Paladin PowerTM, Inc, (“Paladin”), the nation’s newest technology in energy storage systems (“ESS”) for residential and commercial markets, announced today it received approval for the Self-Generation Incentive Program (“SGIP”) from the California Public Utilities Commission (“CPUC”).

SGIP provides incentives to support existing, new, and emerging distributed energy resources in California, including rebates for qualifying residential systems. These include advanced energy storage systems like the Paladin PowerTM ESS, which Paladin launched mid-February at the 2023 InterSolar and Energy Storage North America Show at the Long Beach Convention Center.

Paladin PowerTM, Inc., the next generation all-in-one, integrated, stackable battery and inverter backup system that runs on top of solar for residential and commercial properties, is now SGIP approved in California. This new system can power any size home, including EVs, and is the answer to the nation’s overtaxed grid.

Policy Statement

California has seen many recent policy changes to power regulations including the new peak price increase at SDG&E where peak rates are now at 74 cents per kWH and the passage of the Net Energy Metering (“NEM”) 3.0, which goes into effect in April this year effectively removing the financial incentives allowed in NEM 2.0.

Paladin PowerTM ESS offsets the burden of these regulatory changes by enabling customers to download and store their extra solar energy for their own use, on or off grid.

Paladin PowerTM ESS is a robust and battle tested system that can handle 100% of home loads without energy from the grid, including the entire home, pool, spa, air conditioning and electric vehicles (“EVs”). For California solar consumers, this enables them to take advantage of NEM 3.0 and power their home without disruption, saving hundreds to thousands of dollars on their electric bill, and NEM 3.0 customers can receive faster return on investment. Being able to fully offset the new $0.74 peak power rates will be critical for homeowners. The Paladin system will keep the whole house operating like normal.

“With the future of energy metering changing, consumers will begin rushing to store their energy instead of relying on the grid,” says Ted Thomas, CEO, Paladin PowerTM Inc. “Especially as California announces the payback period for solar-plus-storage installation will be faster than solar-only alternatives.”

Source: CPUC Public Advocates Office via the Agricultural Energy Consumers Association

Fast and Easy Installation

For installers, Paladin has reduced installation times down to 30 minutes with a factory pre-wired system, giving installers a broader market to scale their business, both in volume and in the more than one million homes in Californian that have solar but no energy storage system.

For more information on the Paladin PowerTM ESS off-grid technology watch this video.

About Paladin PowerTM

Paladin PowerTM is the next generation energy storage solution (ESS) for residential and commercial markets. Paladin PowerTM ESS is designed from the ground up to be easy to install and scalable, with an unmatched 20-year warranty. Its elegant design encloses inverters and batteries all in one system, solving today’s energy problems with green energy solutions for homes, buildings and EVs. Paladin is the only ESS on the market that comes entirely in one enclosure and is NEM 3.0 ready for the California market. Paladin PowerTM is proudly US-Veteran owned and led. Learn more at paladinpower.com. Follow About us @PaladinPowerInc.

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