Unlike the Competition,
Power All Circuits
From a Single Box

Why Choose Paladin Over the Competition?

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Paladin Technology Advantage


Unlike the competition, Paladin delivers the latest technology on the market… inverters, batteries, charge controller, MPPT, power isolation… all in one enclosed box!

  • AC / DC coupled
  • Factory pre-wired
  • No panel upgrades
  • Complete Off-Grid Solution
  • Power Every Circuit in a Home + EVs
  • Easy to Install – No heavy lifting
  • Scalable inverters: 7-21 kW (in the same box) 
  • Stackable batteries: 24-96 kWh
  • NEM 3.0 Solution
  • Self consumption and TOU management
California SGIP Approved!

Easiest and Fastest to Install


Paladin is the simplest and most accessible ESS to install on the market today. That means saved costs as contractors don’t need as much training, because Paladin comes factory pre-wired.

The old way of installing meant carrying outrageously heavy equipment and installing several panels, but with Paladin installing has never been simpler. The Paladin PowerTM ESS involves no heavy lifting, and all components are in a single enclosure.

It’s so easy, one contractor can install the system in under an hour alone!

Installers can start saving time, and servicing more customers today.

Power Every Circuit


Paladin PowerTM is revolutionizing the energy storage industry. It is the only energy storage system (ESS) on the market that can power 100% of home loads, including A/Cs, appliances, and even EVs.

This cutting-edge technology offers unsurpassed power delivery and convenience, allowing your customers to get reliable power at any time – even during an outage and never relying on the grid again with up to 21 KW output, 38 KW of surge, and 80 amps of output customers have enough energy to power their entire home and EVs, without limit.

NEM 3.0 Solution & More!

NEM 3.0

The future of home battery storage is a NEM 3.0 solution that provides the power and performance needed to maximize ROI.

Paladin is also SGIP approved and pending UL 1741, IEEE, UL 9540, rule 21 SB, and UL 9540a, and provides self-consumption and TOU management through our mobile app. Paladin PowerTM meets all current regulations and NEM 3.0 requirements.

Offer Peace of Mind to Your Customers

You want to offer your customers the best product
possible. And we do too. That’s why we want to show you that we’re offering homeowners and installers the best device on the market, with an industry-leading 20-year warranty.

With Paladin PowerTM ESS, you can rest easy knowing that your customers will be protected for years to come.

Time to Choose PALADIN
as Your ESS Partner

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