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Solar Installers A Lack of Innovation is Losing You and Your Customers Money

Solar installers and contractors have seen it all when it comes to energy storage systems. Companies keep claiming they have a comprehensive energy storage service that can ensure consumers are protected during blackout periods, but the reality turns out a bit different. In the face of blackouts, the promised “reliable energy protection” in the face of outages is, at best, powering the lights in the home and maybe a quick microwave. At worst, unless customers buy multiple energy storage units, the power is completely shut off. We’re sick of the lies too, which is why we’ve created a battery system that actually completely powers the home. That’s the founding story of Paladin PowerTM and our tagline: Power your entire home and EVs – without limit. The other company’s lies start with what is essentially an ancient technology: microinverters.

There's Been No Innovation in Decades

Technology is always changing, but the solar and battery industry has not had a major innovation in over a decade, mostly because they’ve not had to. Everyone has been using the same microinverters the industry has used since the 2000s.

The lack of new innovations in microinverters has taken a toll on consumers. With no new advances to reduce costs or increase output, customers have effectively been paying a premium for the same product time and time again. It’s high time that manufacturers stepped up to the plate and provided some innovation in order to keep your customers, and by proxy you, from getting fleeced.

Many companies are touting their newest products as the answer to energy security during a blackout, but just as customers begin to feel safe, once a blackout comes, these products won’t completely provide power to their entire home. Despite knowing customers need multiple units, they continue to tell customers that their products will turn customers’ entire houses into a self-sustaining energy kingdom without any connection to the power grid. Even worse, they haven’t made it any easier for solar installers to put them in, increasing costs for both you and your customers.

Solar Installers Practically Have to Break Their Backs to Install Them

Solar installers have to risk their health and wellness in order to keep up with today’s energy storage systems. You probably already know, even if you don’t know the exact number, that components in these systems are incredibly heavy and intuitive. For example, just a single microinverters can weigh in at around 120-130 lbs, yet no one thought to make installers’ lives easier! We get it as a team with electrical engineering experience. While it’s fun to lift heavy iron in front of your co-workers and buddies to show off, it’s tedious, unnecessary, and can even be painful after a while.

That’s why Paladin began innovating, trying to save you and your customers’ money, not taking any detail for granted. For example, we thought, why not just put the ESS system equipment on wheels? So, we did, making installation much easier. Now, all you have to do is put the equipment in the right spot. But we didn’t stop there, because we wanted to save everyone money and power customers’ entire home.

The Real Deal

Thanks to Paladin’s revolutionary new energy storage system, customers can enjoy unprecedented energy freedom. The distinct advantage of this energy storage system is that it can deliver up to 38 KW of starting wattage – enough to power an entire home, including air conditioning – so that life can continue as normal during power outages. But we’re willing to take it one step further, our ESS will grant your customers the luxury of owning a self-sustaining energy kingdom – free from reliance on the grid. This will dramatically reduce their energy costs and put their mind at ease knowing they’re living safely off-grid. For you, this means happier customers that know who to call when they have electrical needs, solar or otherwise.

With 48KWh storage capacity, customers can finally rest easy knowing they will always have enough energy to power their homes. Whether it’s future-proofing against extreme weather conditions or ensuring you don’t find yourself in a blackout, this storage capacity provides an added peace of mind that high energy usage needs are no longer a worry. Paladin ESS’s storage capacity is a true lifeline when customers need power solutions – and that means they can spend more time worrying about the important things (like what to have for dinner!)

While other energy storage systems might be struggling to keep up with the demand, they could be charging an electric vehicle at a snail’s pace in comparison. After all, 20 amps just don’t cut it when you need something that actually works and makes a noticeable difference unless you want your EV to be a neat ornament. And let’s face it; there is nothing worse than waiting around forever just for your car to charge. That’s not even considering whether or not customers are getting their money’s worth. We knew this industry needed a change and high energy output without breaking the bank was just what the doctor ordered.

Simple Installation Process

Installing solar used to be a long and arduous process, with numerous steps with outrageously heavy equipment in order to get the job done. Thankfully, those days are behind us! Instead of 2, 3, or 4 contractors to install one system, one contractor can install it all by himself thanks to the introduction of our lightweight and simple storage system. Not only does it take less time out of installers’ day – leaving more time for other projects – but it’s also a headache-free job that can be completed quickly and easily. Paladin energy storage systems come pre-wired and with a single sub panel that will store every circuit for the home, and power all of them.

Life is much simpler now for both installers and customers, so talk to Paladin today so we can save you money.