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Solar Installers Shouldn’t Need Such Complex and Heavy Equipment

It’s been said that the only easy thing about renewable energy is making an excuse not to use it. The same could be said for installing Energy systems. They’ve been overly complicated and can take days to install even with multiple contractors at the same time! To make matters worse, energy storage development and innovation have stagnated over the years, meaning customers are getting the short end of the stick as well. While solar panels, EVs, and other popular tech continue to improve daily, energy storage has essentially remained frozen.

It’s time for a change.

Lack of Innovation

Development matters and America continues to prioritize innovation across all industries. Anything that stagnates and doesn’t change quickly finds itself outwitted by the competition. Unfortunately, the ESS industry just hasn’t gotten the memo. The greatest weaknesses of energy storage systems and its parts like microinverters are their weight, slow installation times, low output, and high costs, yet they continue to suffer from those problems today. They are often so heavy that even two professionals have a hard time lugging them around, let alone trying to install their overcomplicated circuits into existing electrical systems which can take days.

Even worse, their antique microinverters are struggling to keep up with today’s modern charging load. ESSs are typically capable of outputting 20 amps but customers need more if they want to actually charge their EVs. 20 amps can take 2-3 days to fully charge a modern EV, which is only good enough for customers if they plan to drive once every 2-3 days! But there is a new solution that outputs 80 amps. Enough to charge EVs in an hour and usually less.

Innovation to reduce weight, increase effectiveness, and reduce costs for these products was desperately needed, especially so experts can avoid back pain and tearing their hair out during installation. Modern electric vehicles pack more storage capacity than ever before, and microinverters and other energy storage technology fall far short when meeting today’s charging needs. They’re simply powerless to help customers achieve quick and easy charging, leaving homeowners unable to charge their EVs through solar power alone unless they are willing to pay for multiple units.

In short, ESS companies have become lazy. They’re okay with installers spending days installing their products and customers buying more and more panels, inverters, and eventually even generators from them just to get the promised “off-grid” and “green” lifestyle. Generators become necessary because many customers realize after their purchase that when there’s a blackout, they don’t have enough to power their entire home, despite their storage system.

That ends with Paladin’s new energy storage system.

Innovation Begins with Simpler Installation

By far, the best products in any line-up are those that provide the simplest installation and start-up process. Having a product set up quickly and efficiently can mean saving time and money for installers and consumers but most importantly customers get to use their new device right away. Experts can also know immediately if something is wrong with the device, helping with customer support and improving customer experience. Fast installation times are a must! That’s why our ESS can be installed in 30 minutes, the fastest and easiest installation time on the market.

We’re able to do what no one else is doing because of 5+ years of R&D which helped us to build a model where installers could install in minutes instead of days. To other ESS companies’ credit, there’s an age-old problem when working with energy storage. If you want an electrical device to hold more storage, you need a bigger battery. But when you make a bigger battery, they are just too bulky!

The traditional ESS has been historically weighed down by its heft – literally. Weighing in at 130 pounds for the inverter alone, it would take two or three contractors over several days to complete the job, in part due to its weight. At Paladin Power, we have eliminated this headache with an energy storage system. With some cutting-edge engineering, Paladin Power has drastically cut down on the weight of the parts and put the system on wheels, making it so one contractor can install it in under 30 minutes! It’s all because instead of making a bigger device, we made a more advanced device. We also made drastic improvements to all cable management and circuit management in which installers can double or even triple their energy storage, assuming they’re using Paladin’s ESS.

Costs Have Been too High to Live Off-Grid

Investing in energy storage systems has been painful, both in effort and finances. Not only would it take days for contractors to install, but financially it was a huge burden too. To upgrade your ESS, you had to purchase an entirely new system and eat the cost of not one but two energy storage systems.

The days of complicated and expensive energy storage solutions are now a thing of the past. With the advent of revolutionary energy storage innovation, consumers can now increase their storage capacity without needing to purchase a brand-new system. No more need for extra contractors or having to shell out large amounts of money just to ensure your energy storage system is up to code and operational. Installers can simply add more of Paladin’s Patented stackable batteries and consume

However, there is one extra feature Paladin throws into their deal to add some more value for consumers.

For those looking to save on upfront costs, the timing for purchasing a residential or business solar system may be perfect. According to EnergySage, it typically takes about 8.7 years for the overall cost of a solar system to become “break-even” – though that timeline can extend longer. We think that’s too long, so qualified Paladin PowerTM customers may be eligible for rebates ranging from $25k-$80k along with additional tax incentives, meaning immediate electricity bill savings. This is all thanks to California’s benefits program, and all benefits are based on current design and UL parameters; our parts are specifically approved under UL1741 (inverter) and UL1973 (battery). And while California’s SGIP program is only funded through 2027, it will likely extend further due to the rapid surge in electric vehicle adoption and renewable energy mandates nationwide.

So California residents who purchase energy storage with Paladin could break-even as early as one year!

Solar Installers: Your Back and Your Customers Will Appreciate You Recommending Paladin

The future of ESS is here and it’s revolutionizing how businesses and homeowners save money – and it’s happening right now. These revolutionary new energy storage systems are ready to be installed as early as February and contractors have the opportunity to develop new markets as they install more ESS systems than ever without all the hassle. This is a win-win for everyone involved as the exciting new technology also allows customers to enjoy the benefits of cheaper prices while promoting eco-friendly practices worldwide.