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What Separates Paladin

When it comes to energy storage systems, one size does not fit all. Not only do different systems have different requirements, whether it be space, initial investment, output, or others, but even within the same system there can be a large variation in efficiency and environmental impacts. What works best for an industrial facility would not be appropriate for a small retail location which would not be appropriate for a homeowner.

Energy storage system providers are often choosing between cost or performance, and in many cases plan on homeowners buying multiple units. Paladin solves these problems. We offer the best cost and the best performance in one single unit with the specs to back it up.

38 KW surge capacity

Paladin PowerTM easily powers your A/C again and again with enough left to even power an additional home! Battery energy storage systems are essential components in powering devices and electrical grids. Separating the best from average or below-average systems is their specs – this includes the surge capacity, or how much wattage it can provide as a power source to start devices.

The device with the biggest power draw in almost every building is the A/C unit. Calculating how much starting wattage and continuous power you need for an A/C is a little complicated, but most A/C units need around 5,000 watts. With a powerful 38 KW surge.

20 KW continuous output

Paladin PowerTM outputs 20KW of continuous energy, so you will be able to power the lights, tvs, A/C, power tools, medical devices, and EVs. Keeping your house powered at all times is no longer something you need to worry about.

20 KW of continuous energy output is a great asset for homeowners. Not only can it provide power for everyday needs, but it can also provide the necessary current for emergency situations and support electric vehicles. This makes it an invaluable resource for any homeowner looking to ensure their house runs smoothly, despite blackouts and severe weather.

Easy - to - install

Paladin PowerTM is revolutionizing the energy storage installation industry. Our parts are more lightweight and easier to transport than competitors because they come on wheels! This helps installers lug around all that equipment.

Even better, they can be installed in as little as 30 minutes or less — a process that generally takes 2-3 days with other companies. This superior speed frees up installers to take on additional projects and better serve their client base, thus allowing them to increase their profits. And customers get to enjoy their new energy storage immediately on day 1!

24 - 48 KWH adjustable storage

Paladin PowerTM gives consumers the flexibility they need in their life. They might not need an energy storage system with a load of horsepower for their home. So we gave them the ability to easily upgrade with a stackable system. The additional batteries improve the overall performance of the system and make it easier to manage the stored energy. Having this capability makes Paladin’s cages an ideal choice for both residential and commercial customers who are looking for ways to grow their energy-storing capabilities without absorbing the cost all at once. With just a few adjustments, users can increase their total storage capacity while still keeping all of the components within one contained unit.

For installers, the best part is these upgrades can be completed in minutes, so there is no need to install an entire other system into the wall! 


Paladin PowerTM has the ESS with the lowest cost per circuit on the market but we didn’t stop there. We took advantage of existing systems, so qualified customers can receive $25k – $80k in rebates, additional tax incentives, and immediate savings on electricity bills. Now customers can break even with their energy costs within 1 year!

Green energy is still new. Unfortunately, all new technologies have the same weakness regardless of the amount of support they receive, and that’s cost. Until an innovation comes that changes everything, every advancement comes with a big price tag, and that’s where we come in.

Installers Should Work With Paladin

Paladin Power’s customers maximize their savings and efficiency. Investing in solar energy can not only reduce customers’ electricity bills significantly, but also help to protect the environment, so the time is now to hit the market early as consumers begin switching to green and off-grid energy. Paladin will enable you to be the best solar installer on the market, offering products and services that allow real cost savings for consumers with no games or gimmicks whatsoever.

Thanks to 5+ years of R&D, it is now possible for consumers to break free from traditional sources of energy and be both cost-effective and environmentally friendly with the latest off-grid energy storage systems (ESS). With potential to store over 100 kWh and high output, customers can remain off-grid with solar power. We offer a system that’s simple and fast to install, actually protects customers from blackouts and electrical grid outages with one unit, and a sustainable energy solution that requires minimal maintenance. By investing in an ESS, customers can enjoy a steady stream of long-term energy generation while eliminating the costs associated with having access to the utility grid.

Green energy is still new. Unfortunately, all new technologies have the same weakness regardless of the amount of support they receive, and that’s cost. Until an innovation comes that changes everything, every advancement comes with a big price tag, and that’s where we come in.